The 6 Biggest Women’s Streetwear Trends We’ll See in 2024

The 6 Biggest Women’s Streetwear Trends We’ll See in 2024

The 6 Biggest Women’s Streetwear Trends We’ll See in 2024

Urban style and streetwear has been having its moment for the last decade. Year after year, its popularity has been growing in crescendo, becoming a style era in its own right as it branches out into an array of exciting trends. 2024 is set to be no different. The scene is set for a girly revival contrasted perfectly by punk and rounded off by the natural conclusion of the new wave tights arc. If you can’t tell, at Craftklart, we’ve been keeping our finger on the pulse of women’s streetstyle and have a good idea of the trending fashions for the year to come.

(We’ve even done the same for men’s and unisex streetwear trends.) So, we’ve gathered together the trends most likely to go viral this year in one place just for you.

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The Top Women’s Streetwear Trends of 2024

Rebellious Femininity
Bringing Barbie realism back

Following the footsteps of Barbiecore, trendsetters, influencers, and everyone in between are now embracing an entirely new dimension of ultra-feminine fashion. Ultra-girly aesthetics are reigning supreme, reminiscent of coquette core, ballet, and cottage vibes. Think along the lines of oversized floral patterns, garments crafted from organza or taffeta, and whimsical handbags shaped like hearts. If it’s teeny-tiny, glittery, cutesy, and pink, then it’s made for this trend.

It’s often described as an ironically feminine and incredibly fashion-forward. Indulge in this trend by sporting charming accessories, such as oversized hair bows or heart jewellery. The key is to emphasize soft lines while steering clear of structured blazers and bold, hardware-style jewelry. Expect to see an influx of pink hues, lacy details, bows, pastels, and floral prints.

Preppy Elegance

Your favorite's teen movie meets the coolest streetwear party.

In the upcoming year, the resurgence of preppy style is poised to dominate the streetwear scene, offering a nostalgic nod to classic, refined aesthetics. It’s already dominating TikTok and creeping its way onto Instagram, but you can expect it to hit the mainstream around Spring of 2024. 

The allure lies in the timeless elegance and polished sophistication inherent in preppy fashion. By merging traditional preppy elements with contemporary streetwear flair, a captivating fusion emerges. Think along the lines of tailored silhouettes, vibrant colors, and iconic motifs from preppy culture to inject a sense of charm into the streetwear landscape, appealing to a diverse audience seeking both comfort and style. Envision classic plaids, corduroy skirts, crisp button-downs, printed varsity hoodies, and varsity jackets seamlessly
blending with the latest sneaker trends. 

Post-Casual Pushback
Officially time to put on your real Gladrags

While the ''covid years'' granted permission for full goblin mode and encouraged lounge dressing, fashion experts suggest a direct pushback on ultra-casual styles. Look for refined shapes and touches of prep and polish. Baggy fits in statement colors, is a staple recipe of this aesthetic. While you can definitely expect to see the return of, the polo shirt, signaling a feel for a classic, crisp aesthetic.

Sweet Sleeveless Sweater
A much-loved staple persists

Not a year goes by (for the last half-decade) that sleeveless sweaters don’t dominate the women’s streetwear fashion scene in August. They effortlessly fit the “dark academia” aesthetic that’s been popularised recently while also maintaining quite a rustic-chic vibe that’s hard to emulate with anything else. They’re a sure bet for 2024.

Short Shorts
A flash-in-the-pan trend

This is probably one of the newest womens streetwear trends of the year. It’s also quite daring, but in an endearingly ironic way that’s reminiscent of the o0's. So, from tweed for a sophisticated look to denim and lighter printed fabrics for springtime vibes, short shorts are making a statement.
Pair them with a fine-knit sweater (as seen above) in a standout or neutral color, socks, and
sneakers or shoes for the perfect ensemble.

Grunge Redux

A nice contrast and complement to rebellious femininity

Grunge, often associated with the early 90's, is making a robust comeback between late 2023 and the early part of 2024. Embrace this timeless trend with a pair of jeans, an oversized T-shirt, and a plaid shirt – a nod to the music of Nirvana, the band that popularized it.

Tights as Pants Trend
What once was daring will now be the norm

If you only saw Kendall Jenner around 5 times last year, chances are 3 of those times she was wearing tights, stockings, or leggings in lieu of pants. Then we say Hailey Bieber does it, followed by Emily Ratakjowski and more Hollywood celebs. Before we knew it, the look was everywhere. We’re not mad about it. Truthfully, it’s a cozy and comfortable feeling fit that looks great. It’s pretty avant-garde and still quite experimental, so feel free to go a bit wild while styling this one. 

And there you have it 

In 2024, women's streetwear is set for a dynamic shift, embracing a blend of rebellious femininity with a nod to Barbiecore, the resurgence of preppy elegance merging with contemporary streetwear, and a definitive pushback on ultra-casual styles. The persistent popularity of sleeveless sweaters, the daring statement of short shorts, and the revival of grunge provide a diverse palette for fashion enthusiasts. Additionally, the once daring trend of tights as pants becomes the new norm, adding a touch of avant-garde experimentation to everyday style. Stay tuned for a year of bold fashion statements and eclectic combinations.

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