Top 5 Men's Streetwear Trends We’ll See in 2024

Top 5 Men's Streetwear Trends We’ll See in 2024

Top 5 Men's Streetwear Trends We’ll See in 2024

Men’s Urban Fashion has been evolving quite rapidly recently. Of course, we have the old reliables such as jorts. Once defined as the middle ground between jeans and shorts (British QC magazine 2023), say what, and yes puffer jackets are suddenly being switched for formal coats? That’s before we even get to corporate attire or business casuals. Don’t worry, we have it all covered for you here at Craftklart, as we delve into the newest trending fashions of men's streetwear in 2024. 

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The Top Men’s Streetwear Trends of 2024

New Wave Sport
Blokecore but better !

2024 is officially the year of sportswear for men worldwide. Yes, we may already have Blokecore, that is transitioning to become mainstream real soon. Two key fashion focal points of 2024 could be. The UEFA European Football Championship ready to elevate athletic tops to new heights and the old flame Paris, with its urban branded city of love. Hosting The Paris Olympics, that will further solidify sports trends.  Popularity in viewing of previous tournaments like the Rugby World Cup have seen rugby shirts increasing in popularity by 33% year-on-year and once old school hockey jerseys now going viral.

Just Jorts

A Summertime staple rears its pretty face again

Maybe it’s the punk uprising meeting the bohemian vibe that’s everywhere these days, but men’s streetwear can’t escape jorts. As every Summer rolls around, jorts roll out again. The easy-breezy, light-hearted look is much-loved and always looks good, so don’t hesitate to buy your first pair of jorts this year or revive an old pair. 

Bombs Away!
A rugged breath of fresh air

Leather bombers are replacing edgy motorcycle jackets in 2024, gaining popularity after notable outings by celebrities like Hailey Bieber in Acne Studios puffed design. While yes Hailey Bieber has heralded in the new jacket era, we suspect it’s going to be bigger on the men’s fashion scene just from peeping at what designers have in store for the year. Bombers effortlessly blend timeless sophistication with a touch of rugged charm. They’re best styled with distressed jeans and classic white tees for an effortlessly cool look. A pair of well-worn
boots is truly the dapper cherry on top of this trendy men's streetwear look for 2024. 

Gorpcore Transition
Relearning indoor style

If you’re questioning what Gorpcore is, you’re not alone. It’s a strange term for a much-loved aesthetic: Casual Outdoor wear worn indoors. Think along the lines of puffy jackets, sneakers fit for hiking, and crossbody bags. Well, now that we understand it, it’s time to imagine the opposite. We’re going back to basics in 2024 and dressing in indoorsy styles for the indoors. Puffer jackets will evolve into clean, utilitarian styles in 2024. 

Corporate Attire
Think Succession style

The prevailing trend for the upcoming year will be corporate attire, dominated by masculine styles showcased in top-tier runway presentations by Maison Margiela and Prada for Spring/Summer 2024. Strong-shouldered blazers with oversized outlines are in vogue. If, at any time, you feel like you’re straying too much into “macho man” territory, don’t hold back. That’s what this trend calls for, so don’t shirk extremes just yet. 

business smart man in blue suit

And that’s that! 

In the ever-evolving landscape of men's streetwear for 2024, the fashion horizon is painted with diverse strokes. From the athletic fervor of New Wave Sport to the rebellious charm of ''Just Jorts'' and the sleek ascent of Leather Bombers, styles are transforming. Gorpcore's indoor retreat and the rise of Corporate Attire define a year where versatility reigns. So, whether you're donning puffer jackets or embracing the power play of strong-shouldered blazers, 2024 invites you to stride confidently through the intersections of comfort and flair. It's notjust about what you wear; it's about embodying the conversation.

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